All I ask is that you care

As a marketer I’ve been thinking a lot about what I’d want from my qualitative researchers. How would I like to work with them? How would I like to feel about the insights they uncover? What’s going to make me feel inspired to make change? And I think it all comes down to empathy.

Firstly, I want the researchers I’ve trusted with my customers to care. Genuinely care about them (and me) and the challenges we face. Empathise with us and do everything you can to help make a difference.

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Storyteller or story interpreter?

The work conversation often goes like this… ‘So, what do you do?’ ‘I work in market research.’ ‘Oh, so you’re the person that rings me up during dinner to ask what I think of John Key?’ ‘No, not exactly…’ It is so much more than this.

Brené Brown, a now celebrity researcher courtesy of Oprah, recalls in a Ted Talk how she repositioned her role as a qualitative researcher, by calling herself a ‘storyteller’. This resonated strongly with me as I thought about all the stories I have heard over the years from so many different types of people and from all walks of life.

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The beginning...

Well this is Day 1 of the Fresh Focus blog. I am sitting in a cafe in Anglesea, on the Great Ocean Road, with my headphones on grabbing some quiet time from the kids whilst they are with their grandparents.

I have chosen a theme, blog title, written a purpose and about to craft a conversation guide for the next few weeks. This is part of the over-arching Fresh Focus social media marketing plan. The time has come as our business 'grows up' to practice what we preach and develop and position our own brand in the market.

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