All I ask is that you care


As a marketer I’ve been thinking a lot about what I’d want from my qualitative researchers. How would I like to work with them? How would I like to feel about the insights they uncover? What’s going to make me feel inspired to make change? And I think it all comes down to empathy.

Firstly, I want the researchers I’ve trusted with my customers to care. Genuinely care about them (and me) and the challenges we face. Empathise with us and do everything you can to help make a difference.

Secondly, go into their world. Get up close to my customers in their everyday lives. See what they do and how they interact with their environment and my brand within that. Put yourself in their shoes, empathise with them and understand what makes them tick. I want you to tell me about their world first hand.

Thirdly, check in with me. There’s a lot riding on this project and I want to be involved. Take me through the initial insights, see how they sit with me. Let me ask questions, make me feel confident in the direction you’re going. By doing this, you’re showing me you care.

Finally, when you come and present to me, again all I ask is for you to care. Be passionate, have enthusiasm, stand up and take me on a journey. Interpret the story and make me feel excited. I want us all in this together. I don’t want to ask a question and be told “the research speaks for itself” (yes this has happened to me). This doesn’t feel like empathy.

I want a story, something I can use to make a difference. I want to be inspired to make change within my organisation. That is all I ask.

Written by Sarah Kenny - Strategy and Brand Expert