We are unique not in what we do, but what we don’t do.

It doesn’t matter what the category, brand or problem a client is facing we have the ability to understand what makes a consumer tick and get to the heart of the problem through real world immersion.

This is clearly demonstrated through the variety of work we get to do – dog roll, bull semen, herbs & spices, campervans … we’ve looked through bathroom cabinets, been invited for dinner and waded through a muddy farmer’s field …it is all about collecting the ‘small data’ of everyday lives and identifying the gaps in what people say they do and what they actually do!

Some of the clients and brands we have worked with...

case studies


understanding viewer needs

One of TV3's flagship programmes was in a ratings decline and they wanted to understand why.

Through a longitudinal digital community of viewers and in-home immersions we were able to provide a clear understanding of drivers and barriers to viewing and what could be actioned now and in the future to increase ratings.


exploring brand perception

Jucy wanted to understand what backpackers in Australia thought of the Jucy brand. 

We ran a global digital community of travellers, immersion groups and interviews in backpackers in Sydney and Cairns to understand their experience and perceptions of Jucy from the ‘inside out’.


defining our target market

Mons Royale had assumptions about who their target audience was, but needed to confirm this.

Through a digital community of global customers and an online mobile survey we helped Mons redefine their target audience and retail positioning to address shopper needs and mindset of an older target market.



Prior to launching a new business proposition, Qrious wanted to better understand the attitude of medium/ large businesses to data driven marketing and capture how they use data now and likely to in the future.

Through in-depth interviews, we validated the value proposition to ensure key launch messages were relevant, motivating and would drive business decisions for potential clients.


Insinkerator needed to re-educate consumers and dispel myths around food waste disposers.

We spent time with customers in their home and got them to demonstrate how they disposed of waste and used their insinkerator. This provided the client with a clear understanding of existing perceptions of food waste disposers and how to overcome barriers and ultimately sell more product.


Decoding the role of media in weekend life

The weekend print newspapers were experiencing a decline in readership. NZME wanted to understand why the decline and how they could improve their offering to retain existing readers and entice lapsed readers back.

Fresh Focus conducted a deep dive into the evolving use of media on the weekend through a digital community and in-home immersions over a series of weekends. This enabled NZME to optimise its Weekend Herald print and digital offering to slow the readership decline.